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The Trip Back (Original Soundtrack) is Available for Streaming

Jun 6, 2024

The Trip Back OST - Album Cover

I first met Benjamin Jendras at the Arclight Cinema in Hollywood back in 2013. We were invited by our mutual friend Jamie Holt as we both had worked on a film project of hers. I'm grateful that he ended up loving my music for the project as well as the tracks I had posted on my demo reel. Shortly after, he reached out to collaborate on some music for his then current project 'The Trip Back'.

I truly mean the word collaborate because Ben is a talented musician himself with a keen ear and an ability to communicate about music effectively! We quickly found a great sound palette for the film's music and put together a short but powerful soundtrack. I was delighted when I re-listened to the music after ten years; the soundtrack itself becoming a mirror of the film's theme - a trip back to a familiar place but this time as a visitor.

Stream the soundtrack on your favorite platform - The Trip Back (Original Soundtrack)

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